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Robin Bennett
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We've had another couple of Alpha Tracker orders from asbestos consultancies in Scotland - all from personal recommendation, which is lovely.  We do enjoy working north of the border and Kim is looking to spending some time near Loch Ness to do the next batch of training. Kim has also been training clients this week to use their customised air monitoring/4-stage clearance apps.  With data capture including site plans and unlimited photos, our new apps and Alpha Tracker process is proving to be popular although sometimes time-consuming to implement. We've also been testing new versions of our app/web server software this week to see if we see better performance on larger installations (our latest has a client with 6,000 sites and wants to access them all - in one go - via the client portal). We're ready for the weekend!!
Did you know that Alpha Tracker's diary can auto-sync with Google Calendars? Alpha Tracker's built-in work diary Why is this so useful?  This means that Google Calendars set up for your staff can be auto-synced from your office Alpha Tracker diary.  No more emailing work schedules, no more whiteboards... all staff can see what they are supposed to be doing on their own mobile phones.  They don't even ever have to "sync" as their phone will always show their latest Google Calendar. Also... Google Calendars are free! And staff can have their work diary as an extra one so that it doesn't interfere with their personal calendar or ones they have set up for other reasons.
Robin Bennett
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One of the five asbestos consultancies that went live with Alpha Tracker in January sent us an email this week - "Alpha Tracker is bl**dy brilliant!".  The director of the consultancy (who has used many other asbestos systems) said that he'd wished he'd bought the system years ago as it was saving them so much time. What a lovely way to end the week.

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